DAILY SPECIALS  - $9.50+tax
Whole sandwiches only - no substitutions - call for availability

THE ABC - Thick grilled sourdough bread filled with apples, bacon & cheddar cheese with roasted onion mayo sauce

PASTRAMI REUBEN - Flavorful pastrami served on grilled thick marbled rye bread with sauerkraut, swiss chees & 1000 island dressing

THE TAP - Thin sliced turkey, ham, pepperjack cheese & roasted red peppers grilled on sourdough bread with a fresh spinach & avocado mayonnaise sauce

THE DARIN' ERIN - A grilled asiago cheese roll with turkey, brie cheese & bacon topped with a cranberry-chutney spread

THE VITO - a french roll with cotto salami, dry salami, capicola & provolone cheese topped with an olive relish, tomatoes, lettuce, dijonaise sauce & drizzled with a red vinegar dressing

MEATLOAF SANDWICH - A french roll with homemade meatloaf, provolone cheese & marinara sauce

THE CUBAN - a grilled french roll with swiss cheese, roasted pork & ham topped with sliced dill pickles & a dijon mayo spread


prices subject to change without notice